Transporting dogs is very helpful! Here’s how to help:

Every aspect of rescue is important. Sadly, more often than not, it’s a matter of life and death. We need to be able to transport dogs so we can save them from being euthanized in shelters. If we don’t have any volunteers to drive them, they may face euthanasia due to shelters “needing to make room” for other dogs to come in.

Transporting a dog(s) entails picking them up from a driver in town and then driving them anywhere from 50-100 miles to meet the next driver(depending on the request). The next driver will then do the same. Once you have completed the transfer and have given the dog to the next driver, you are required to call and check-in with the transport coordinator. Once the transfer is completed, all drivers involved will receive an email saying the dog is safe and sound.You can then see how the dog is doing at our Success Stories page or their adoption page.