Help Save Ruby!

Miss Ruby is a beautiful long haired, one year old tricolor full bred GSD, AKC registered. This did not prevent people from neglecting her even though she was chosen by them at birth. She was left in a kennel for at least eight months of her life, she is a special needs girl. She suffers from kennel stress and anxiety but underlying that are neurological issues. She is beautiful and joyful in spirit, just happy to be free and loved.  She has learned so much since coming to me in December. She finally knows what it’s like to play with another dog, to be fed regularly and to have someone love her unconditionally everyday. She has found out she loves the outside and to play with the balls and toys; she made a friend and played tug. This is all new for her. She is bright eyed and curious and doesn’t let her disability stop her.

She is currently fighting for her life with a severe infection from heartworm that was left untreated. She is having an anaphylactic reaction to them and is hospitalized getting treatment.

This is a girl that has overcome a mountain to be where she is and will fight with all of her 60 lbs. The beauty in her shines when you see her. She deserves a chance to live for however many years this disease allows.

Please help us with this gentle souls hospital bill. You can donate via the PayPal link below.