Meet Miss Amira!!  She is just turned one year old on Valentine’s Day.  She is a stunning well rounded dog.  There isn’t much that rattles her.  What I can tell you is that she needs a job.  Her nose never leaves the ground when we are walking.  She is eager to please and will work for food or toys anytime of the day. 
She is currently in daycare. She is learning her social skills and is doing very well.  Amira is energetic, very curious and loves company! She can do well in almost any group and with any dog but tends to become sassy and snappy if over-stimulated, although she can be easily redirected. Amira really is a lover not a fighter and even though she may show some dominate qualities she would prefer to walk away from a negative response to her intensity. She does best in a large space with a small group of lesser reactive dogs.  Again, she is only a year old and in the right home with the right
job all of this can become a thing of the past.
If Amira is left to her own devices she WILL get into trouble.  She loves to chew things, has no concept of personal space and really loves to hear you talk and give her commands several times before she decides to do what you are asking lol!  Amira needs a job/activity and someone that she considers “worth listening to” in order to remind her of the proper boundaries. Once she is tired out she is down and napping and very content.  Amira may have the qualities for a SAR dog, tracking seems to agree with her and there is a possibility she could do agility.  She bounces around like deer
and is very light on her feet.
During walks Amira tends to react to barking dogs with an attitude.  She barks back and lets them know she doesn’t appreciate the way they are talking to her.  I have been working on redirecting her with great success.  Her recall needs work.  I believe in a solid recall so that is at the top of the list right now.
She lives with another shepherd and just wants to play.  She does live with cats but is monitored and it does take several corrections before she backs off.  Amira really doesn’t want to hurt or eat them she just wants to be the boss and play but doesn’t understand her size. My one cat has no problem hissing and giving Amira a correction but Amira doesn’t like to be corrected unless it’s on her terms so if she goes into a home with cats she should be monitored closely. She has been around infants and kids with no issues at all.  They have food in their hands and faces to wash so she is great with kids.
Amira will never be just a pet! She is too smart and solid and will be in trouble constantly.  She NEEDS a job.  If you are looking for someone to work everyday she is your girl.  Then at the end of the day be prepared to snuggle on the couch with her.  She also has a sweet side.  Amira has the focus and the willingness to do anything for you.  She knows her basic obedience, is crate trained and house broken.  She still gets car sick on longer trips but I am hoping she grows out of that with more travel under her belt.
Please email with any questions or to arrange a meet.