My name is Deuce.  I’m a 14-month old male shepherd and I weigh close to 80 lbs.   I’m from the great state of Alabama. 

From New York foster:

Deuce will require a strong handler. He is sweet and beautiful but still very much a puppy, with a strong will of his own. He wants to be the boss so he will need someone that will not let him. He will push the boundaries to see what you are made of so standing firm is key with this big boy. He is learning what everything is inside the house so patience is a necessary thing; he has had it rough the last few weeks so slow with all things in the beginning. You lead and he will follow, he is easily corrected but will learn bad habits as quickly as good ones. He will need training with positive reinforcement. This is a smart pup and will become what someone molds him to be if time is taken with him he will become a great dog. So again *experienced shepherd handler.

He needs a home without cats or small animals; he has a prey drive and finds it fun to chase. He is a puppy with puppy behavior.  He is great on a leash and does well in public.  He is house trained but should be watched because again, he is a puppy. He rides well in a car, sleeping most of the way from Alabama without incident.  He meets people and dogs well on a leash but will be protective of his domain and his people so again, training is necessary. He is also a cuddle bug and will relax with you at the end of the day but will need regular exercise to tire him out to make this happen.  You will need to keep this one busy so he doesn’t find trouble.  If you understand German Shepherd dogs and want a challenge but such a great reward in the end this is the dog for you. 

From Alabama foster:

Back a few weeks ago Alabama had some terrible weather and there were a lot of tornadoes.  One came near my home and I was out side and I got really scared and started running.   When I stopped I didn’t know where I was so I found a house that I thought was mine but my people weren’t home.  I hung around waiting for them and finally they came home.  I was so hungry by then.  They weren’t my family but they loved on me and fed me lots of food.  The nice lady told me she needed to get my picture so she could try to find my real family because I was lost.  After a few days she told me they had to leave to go back to their home in Florida and that she had not been able to find my family but she was not going to leave me there alone and would fine me a safe place to go she promised.   The next day we went on a long car ride and that’s when I met Alabama foster mom.   She took great care of me and she had lots of other dogs I got to play with several times a day.  She took me to the vet and I got all my shots and was neutered.  I’m a big boy that plays hard.  I’m not real used to being inside a house so it takes me a little while to get into the routine and learn the do’s and don’ts but I’m a pretty quick learner and I take correction really well.  I walk well on a leash and I’m working on this crating thing.  It’s new to me.  I’m very interested in cats as something to play with not hurt but sometimes they just don’t seem to understand that and get all snarly, run and hide.  I’m still a pup and so I can’t promise I’ll be perfect in the beginning but what I can promise is I’ll be the best dang dog you’ve ever had once I get my bearings and learn the routine and all the do’s and don’ts of your household.  My foster mom says “Deuce you are a true diamond in the rough but boy are you gonna be the perfect cut when all the shinning up is done”.  Since I can’t be reunited with my first family I would like to find a new family all my own and hopefully never have to be in a tornado again.   

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