Ruby has had a rough start. She is 1 year 4 months old. She may have been on a tie out  in a yard for a long time or in a kennel, then of course she could have been born as she is. She is not a typical GSD, she spins and spins when excited. So much so that she gets twisted up in herself and falls. She calms herself with this behavior and it may never stop, though I’m sure it will reduce as she grows and learns. She has learned to love other dogs and to play. She plays ball and actually brings it back, she has two Kong balls that appeal to her playfulness . She loves stuffies and marrow bones and loves her crate. She now seeks attention from people and is very affectionate, she does calm and lay down when I settle.  She learns commands and can be redirected, she learns easily with consistency. She can walk on a leash but does circle, she is well behaved at the vet and rides well in a car.

She is delicate of nature and innocent of the worlds evils though she does understand abuse and doesn’t do well with a heavy hand. Loud scares her and will set her back. She has come so far from the frightened sick girl that came to me. She will be work but she is so worth it. She likes kids but busy makes her nervous, small children could get knocked down regularly and be hurt. She has a gentle soul and just needs a person that understands that.  So if you have a gentle soul and are willing to love our bright eyed girl please apply.

Approved adopters can contact her foster mom, Caroline at