Caesar has been adopted


This beautiful boy’s name is Caesar. He is 3.5 years old and full of love! He is smart, attentive, and docile but does have a few quirks. He loves long walks around the neighborhood, smelling everything and does quite well on the leash. He is very food motivated and this has helped with his learning of heel. He does react to dogs but it appears to be in a playful manner. He loves playing soccer and frisbee in the backyard. It’s a hoot to watch! He is a very active pup but does enjoy down time on the couch or on his bed after his walks or time playing outside. He does great being left alone at home and is also crate trained.

About Caesar’s quirks: he suffers from anxiety, is OCD about chasing his tail and does have some skin issues. He’s on medicine for the anxiety, so his future family will need to factor in medication costs. In Caesar’s previous home, he was antagonized with a laser pointer, so he is reactive to shadows, shapes and sunlight on surfaces. Caesar chases his tail, although he doesn’t catch it. It seems to be a nervous tic of his. He responds well to gentle distraction and just telling him “no” with some extra loving when he does chase it. The skin issues are dry patches of skin and itchy spots, which could be a number of factors (stress from his previous living situation or allergies to the environment or his food). He was recently switched to new food to see if this might help. The vet also gave some recommendations for other brands of food, if the new food doesn’t make a difference.

Caesar’s ideal living situation would be with someone who works from home, is retired or is home a great deal. Unfortunately, Caesar would do best without small children at home. Prior German Shepherd experience is a must. It would be best if he were the only dog in the house, although a larger breed dog might work. A meet and greet with an existing dog would be required to see if they were a good fit. Because of his high prey drive, he would not do well in a home with cats. He is very active and would need his new family to be as well: country living would be great for this boy! Caesar is eager to please and loves snuggling and ear scratches. Even with his quirks, this sweet boy deserves a loving home and a FUR-ever family. Is it you?

Caesar is up to date on vetting, neutered, heartworm negative, housebroken, crate trained, and microchipped.

Adoption applications are available here. BrightStar is a NY registered rescue, RR175.