Blu has been adopted!

Blu is a 7 year old male Pitty. He’s albino and needs to be on vegan food as his albinism causes protein allergies. This happy boy is a snuggle bug, he’s awesome with kitties and other dogs! He’s not dominant, so there won’t be a problem fitting in with a pack of dogs or humans. He loves everyone and everything.

Blu was trained to alert to seizures in his human, and was also an emotional support dog for many years. He’s very low maintenance other than his food allergy. He’s well trained with verbal and hand signals. If you’re looking for a that special someone to ecstatically greet you at the door every day, or just keep you company, he’s your boy!

Blu is up to date on shots, heartworm negative, neutered, and housebroken.

Adoption applications are available here. BrightStar is a NY registered rescue, RR175.