12 thoughts on “Hank is under evaluation

  1. Hi I just seen this post i don’t know if I’m to late if I’m not I’d love to discuss I’m very interested


  2. I’m very interested in Hank..have had GSD my entire life and just had to help my boy cross the bridge recently. He was 10 and battled DM. Acupuncture helped but it was time


    1. Hi Elaine. Hank is coming in this weekend so we’ll update when we get to know him a little more. Thank you for putting an application in.


  3. Is hank available? I just submitted my
    Application for him! Also sent an email and paid my fee! I look forward to hearing from you!


    1. We received your application and fee, thank you. I replied to your email just now. He’s not available yet, stay tuned!


  4. Is Hank ok with cats? We’ve been approved and our cat has been around my parents GSD many times. Thank you!


    1. He hasn’t been around any cats yet, so we don’t know. As his foster gets to know him we should get an idea of how he might do with them.


  5. Hello,I would be very interested in Hank. It’s been a year since my boy Fritz left. He was 14 and passed from cancer last may,I have his brother Prince still. We are looking for another buddy.


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